Lip Care Routine: The Ultimate Guide

Lip Care Routine: The Ultimate Guide

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Does your regular skincare routine include lip care? The skin on our lips is sensitive and doesn’t contain oil glands like the rest of our skin, so it's vulnerable to drying and chapping.  

Having a quick and easy daily lip care routine can help keep your lips hydrated, smooth and soft. Not only will proper lip care provide the foundation for pout perfection, it also makes sure that your lipstick colour looks bright, vibrant, and flattering instead of dull and unhealthy.  

Pout Exposed/Pucker Up 

Our lips are exposed to the elements all year round, whether it is the harsh sun or cold, icy wind. Our lips rarely get the protection they need. But it is tricky, nobody wants to be tasting SPF all day and sticky or dry lips are irritating and distracting.  

Regular lip care can provide protection against common lip problems like chapped, chaffed, and dry lips and give you a heads up on viral infections like cold sores. 

Applying lip balm is one of the best daily protectors for your lips in any weather.  

Daily Lip Care Protection

Lip balms are our go-to for dry lips, especially during winter, but there are those that just make your lips drier and more irritated no matter how much you apply. 

Despite claims of hydration and protection, the ingredients in many store-bought lip balms tell us a different story. 

Petroleum (Petrolatum) jelly-based balms are made with a by-product of oil refining - the same petroleum that goes into cars! No wonder some of those cheap and cheerful plastic tubed lip balms make our lips feel parched.  

Ingredients like these, along with alcohols and fragrances, can dry out your lips instead of providing them with the protective, nourishing, and hydrating barrier we need.  

We have a fabulous range of plastic-free lip balms that won’t dry out or irritate your lips. Here are the key ingredients we’ve packed in them:  

They are available in 4 different flavours, including the super popular Sugarplum tinted lip balm and an unscented lip balm. The plant waxes help to improve the appearance (and feeling) of dry lips immediately (94% of our testers agree!) and provide a great base for lipstick or lip stains.   

3 Step Lip Care Routine 

1. Hydrate - apply lip balm at the start of the day and reapply as needed throughout the day. 
2. Exfoliate - don’t have any lip friendly scrub? You are in luck! Try our quick and easy lip scrub recipe that your lips will love! We recommend exfoliating your lips 1-2 times a week but take care not to over-exfoliate your lips, as you don’t want to damage them and leave them sore and raw. 
3. Protect - an application of lip balm again just before bedtime gives your lips an overnight hydration boost that will keep them in tip-top pout shape. 

What about lip care with SPF?  

At Ethique, we take our duty of care very seriously and want to solve the sunblock challenge by creating a product that we are 100% confident will stand up to rigorous global standards.

Read more about why we haven't made anything with SPF, yet. 

Lip care is so important all year round, not only in winter. What are your go-to lip care hacks? We would love to hear about them! Chat to us on social or send us an email at! 

Explore our range of clever lip balms here.