Solid deodorant

Truly effective, natural deodorant

Our aluminum-free, natural deodorants are crafted with bamboo powder, zinc oxide, and magnesium hydroxide to absorb unwanted moisture and help to fight bad odors.

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Plastic Free Deodorant

Looking for a product to freshen up your underarms? Our solid deodorants are here to save the day. 


Ethique solid deodorants are cruelty-free, vegan, palm oil free and made of sustainably-sourced and fairly-traded ingredients.


We have our traditional solid deodorant bar, great for your bathroom, and we have deodorant sticks, which are great for reapplication throughout the day, or to keep in your gym bag. 


Partner our solid deodorant with our solid body washes, body scrub bars or solid moisturisers - our entire bodycare range is plastic-free and packaged in home-compostable cardboard. 


Find Deodorant Bars & Sticks Online At Ethique!

Our solid deodorants are super easy to carry around and can be taken on planes as they are free from liquid. They have also been formulated to keep you fresh and confident all day long!


Shop online and receive free shipping on orders over $60. All orders are shipped in a cardboard box, which can be reused or popped into your compost.


Solid Deodorant FAQ’s

How long does solid deodorant last?

Our deodorant bars and deodorant sticks are the equivalent to 2 x 100ml bottles/roll-ons - so our solid deodorants will last as long as they would usually last you in liquid form. 

How to use solid deodorant?

If using a solid deodorant stick, push up less than you think you'll need. Apply the deodorant evenly to your underarms. A little bit goes a long way. How easy is that. Reapply throughout the day as needed.

How to store solid deodorant?

Store our deodorant bars and deodorant sticks in a cool, dry spot. You can keep deodorant bars in an air-tight container, or in the box that it came in. 

What is solid deodorant?

Solid deodorants are solid, undiluted versions of their liquid/gel counterparts. Unlike liquid deodorants, our solid deodorants bars are boxed in a plastic-free, home-compostable cardboard, making them a much more eco-friendly option. 

Is solid deodorant better than gel?

A solid deodorant is easier to carry and won’t leak in your bag when you’re at the gym or travelling. They are more concentrated, so last longer than a gel option and being solid, they are simply packaged in a home-compostable box.