Vegan lip balms

Lip balms that make a difference

Hundreds of millions of plastic lip balm tubes are discarded every year with the vast majority not being recycled. So, we think lips need a shake-up. We've created a range of lip balms dedicated to doing good; for the planet, for people and of course, for your lips.

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What is a lip balm?


Ethique’s vegan lip balm is used to nourish and soften dry lips as part of a lip care routine. Ethique’s solid lip balm range has a lip balm for everyone – from refreshing peppermint to tinted lip balm for those looking for little pop of colour.


What does a lip balm do?


Ethique’s plastic free lip balm immediately improves the appearance of dry, chapped lips. Our solid lip balms are packed full of moringa oil, jojoba oil and castor oil for luxuriously soft lips. All our ingredients are naturally-derived and scientifically-proven to work!


How to use our lip balm?


Our easy to use, plastic-free tubes make applying our plastic-free chapstick super easy. Simply push (not twist) up base of tube (just a little!). Gently press onto lips, allowing it to warm for a few seconds. Then glide across lips for soft, smooth nourishment.