Let’s cut to the chase, the environmental impact of returns is horrendous. Globally, clothing returns are rarely resold and instead head to landfill – what a monumental waste. In countries like the USA, “the landfill waste from returns alone contributes 15 million metric tons of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere”. Read more about this here.  

So, how can we balance giving great customer service and continue to reduce the negative environmental impact of returns? Let’s start by having a chat.   

Are you trying Ethique haircare products for the first time? Our goal is to help you find your forever shampoo & conditioner match from the very start! Before you commit to a haircare product, please take our hair quiz to find your tailored haircare routine for your hair type, concerns and goals.

Have a specific question or concern? Our expert Miracle Workers are here to help, flick us an email at hello@ethique.com - we'd love to help you find the best products to suit you!   

    What’s our returns policy?    

    Although we back our bars 100%, we know that trying out solid products can be new and tricky!  

    If you’ve tried a product and didn’t like it, please email our Miracle Workers at hello@ethique.com    

    and we’ll help resolve any issues you are having. If we can’t resolve the issues with our top tips & tricks, you can return the product(s) to us for a refund of the purchase price.   

    To be eligible for our return policy, product(s) must have been purchased directly from our website (ethiqueworld.com) and a valid proof of purchase provided. We monitor return activity for any abuses of the system and have the right to limit or deny unused returns in all instances.   

      What happens to returned product? 

      We never resell returned product and simply compost all returns due to health & safety measures. 

      Please consider the environmental impact when choosing to return products.