Let them know – a template to tell brands you’re breaking up with them

Let them know – a template to tell brands you’re breaking up with them

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Each year we celebrate Earth Month as it’s a great way to spotlight how we all can collectively be part of the solution to our current climate challenges - and it’s a great opportunity for those who are further along in their eco journeys to share their knowledge and passion.

We see lots of newbies Raising the Bar™ and joining us to #giveupthebottle for the very first time. If this is you, kia ora and welcome 😊

You probably know as well as we do that the biggest culprit in plastic waste is actually big brands. Then again, that also means they have a huge opportunity to make a difference – if they choose to. And they tend to choose when they know it’ll make the difference between getting your business, or you going elsewhere.  

Ultimately, brands respond to consumer demand, so voting with your dollar and using your voice can both make a difference. 

Sounds too good to be true? Here’s an example - in response to public pressure, McDonalds banned single-use plastic straws in 2018 

The main idea behind ‘Let them know’ is (just as it sounds) to let brands know you’re not currently purchasing their products because their business ethics and regenerative practices aren’t up to your standards.  

It’s not about telling them off – just giving them a friendly heads up of what you want to see them doing better.  

Use our handy template below 👇 

‘Dear [company name],   

I hope this finds you well.   
I love your products and have been a fan for some time now. 
At the moment, I’m not buying any of your products because I believe you have some work to do to ensure your business cares for people and planet. 
Instead, I am making the switch from your product to [insert product or name of company you are making the switch to here]. 
What you are already doing to be kind to the environment by [insert good thing, if any, this organisation is doing here] is great. But I would like to see you doing more, namely  [insert suggestion here, e.g., supplying your offices with renewable energy/engaging in large scale tree planting/consider removing palm oil from your products/consider reducing plastic in your products].  
I think taking this action would have a big impact on your customers and be widely appreciated. I know it certainly would be for me! 
Thank you for your time and consideration, and I look forward to hearing from you.    
Kind regards,   
[your name].’  

Brand websites should contain a whole heap of great information (and sometimes, unfortunately, misinformation). So, make sure to check them out first and see what you can find. No need for any tough love – just be polite, friendly and clear about what’s missing and you’ll be making a difference 

In an ideal world, you’ll receive an email back from the company explaining how they are already doing the things you’ve suggested. Or you might simply get an email that thanks you for your suggestion and that they’ll take it on board, which is fine too - some big business changes could take years to implement.  

Don't forget to keep using your voice and purchasing power. Ask them what their plan of action is and when you can expect this to be implemented and follow up! Businesses should hold themselves accountable, but customers are the next best placed to do so.    

Nicely done, good on you for letting them know. 

We like to remind ourselves every day that organisations exist at the whim of consumers. You have power, so be sure to use it!    

Have any questions or feedback for us at Ethique? We pride ourselves on being as transparent as possible, and we know we’re incredibly lucky to have such a wonderful, knowledgeable community around us. Please do send our team of Miracle Workers an email via hello@ethique.com and we’ll see how we can help.