How to store your Concentrates once made

How to store your Concentrates once made

Oh hello there, I suppose you’re here because you’ve heard of our Concentrates and are wondering just how to store them? I thought that might be the case.

Unlike your typical liquid shampoo, conditioner, handwash, bodywash or hand & body lotion, our Concentrates DON’T come in a plastic bottle which means you can do the planet a solid and reuse a bottle you already have at home.

How to store Ethique Concentrates

Endless storage options

Not too sure what to use? Basically, anything! A jar, a container — anything with a lid! However you normally store your liquid products will do the job.

Jars - Best storage option for hand and body lotion concentrate

Calling all fellow jar hoarders. It’s our time to shine. Take a look at your jar cupboard (don’t lie, we know you have one), and make the most of the different sizes by putting your hand and body lotion concentrates in them.

Reusable airtight container - Best storage option for hand and body lotion concentrate

If you prefer an option that isn’t glass, especially if you’re planning on taking your lotion on-the-go, use an airtight plastic or aluminium container instead. Anything goes but you could reuse a container that held food as its first job, or even makeup or skincare. The key is to make sure it’s airtight so there’s zero chances of spillage.

Reusable plastic or aluminium container - Best storage option for shampoo, conditioner, handwash or bodywash concentrates

When it comes to the Concentrates that will call your shower or bathroom sink home, it’s best to choose a shatter-proof container.

Live life on the safe side and resist the urge to use any glass whatsoever.

Instead, reuse a plastic or aluminium container. Even better if it has a pump to make washing just that little bit easier. Our favourites include, shock horror, reusing an old shampoo or conditioner bottle, or a body lotion bottle which comes with a handy dandy pump.

How to store Ethique Concentrates

Travelling with Ethique Concentrates

Travelling with your Concentrates? Simply pop them into smaller containers!

Prefer an option that you know is TSA approved? Try our plastic-free range of solid minis. They’re easy to use, work just as well as the liquid stuff and because they’re solid, you don’t have to worry about any spillage or TSA approval.

How to transfer concentrate from container to bottle

If you follow our how-to-make instructions closely AND have a steady hand, you shouldn’t struggle with pouring the liquid magic from the heat-proof container to the final storage home of your choice.

You should probably also consider changing careers and becoming a surgeon.

But if you’re anything like us and are prone to spillage, take the easy route and use a funnel!

How to store Ethique Concentrates

Don’t forget the label

Don't accidentally eat your lotion. Make sure to label them with what they are and include the date of when you made the concentrate!

How long do Concentrates last?

Once made, the Concentrates will last up to 6 months.

The Ethique Guarantee

Have any questions regarding our new and improved Concentrates? Email our team of Miracle Workers at or get in touch with us on social media. They can help 💚