Shampoo and conditioner concentrates

Liquid haircare without the waste.

Bars aren’t everyone’s cup of tea. That’s why we made our dreamy concentrates that are super effective, sustainable, and easy to use. Just add water at home to create your very own plastic-free liquid formula.

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Shampoo & Conditioner Concentrate FAQ's

How to make shampoo concentrate?

Pour the entire contents of the powder shampoo concentrate into a heat-proof jug. Next, add 300ml (10.14 fl.oz.) of just-boiled water and gently stir with a fork until the powder has dissolved. Allow it to cool slightly, then pour the mixture into a bottle you already own and pop a label on it. Give it a few shakes while it’s cooling.

How to make conditioner concentrate?

Pop the entire conditioner powder concentrate into a heat-proof jug. Next, add 320ml (10.82 fl. oz.) of boiling water and mix vigorously with a whisk. Mix until fully melted. For extra creaminess, give it a burst with a stick blender! Allow to cool slightly then pour into a bottle you already own. It won't thicken up immediately, so leave it for an hour or two to reach the perfect consistency. Don’t forget to label it so you don’t mix it up!

How long does shampoo and conditioner concentrate last?

Once made, use your liquid shampoo and conditioner concentrates within six months.

What are the best ways to store shampoo and conditioner concentrate?

When it comes to the concentrates that will call your shower or bathroom sink home, it’s best to choose a shatter-proof container. Instead, reuse a plastic or aluminium container. Even better if it has a pump to make washing just that little bit easier. Our favourites include reusing an old shampoo or conditioner bottle, or a body lotion bottle that comes with a handy pump.

Are shampoo and conditioner concentrates safe for curly hair?

Our shampoo and conditioner concentrates can definitely be used by anyone who has curly hair! However, if you follow the Curly Girl Method (CGM) and are looking for CGM-approved products, these are not ‘approved’ as they contain sulfates. If you’re after a range specially formulated for those with curly, coily or wavy hair and don’t mind solid shampoo and conditioner/co-wash bars, take a look at our Curly Duo.