New packaging is here

New packaging is here

Noticed something different? Our fresh new packaging is here!  

We're excited to introduce new packaging designs and bar shapes for the very same solid formulations that you know and love.  

We’ve been busy little bees here at Ethique HQ, working hard to revamp our signature colourful packaging to make it easier than ever to shop our range of plastic-free goodies. 

But why have we made this change, you ask? We’ve taken on board the feedback from our wonderful customers and retailers that: 

  1. It could be challenging telling our bars apart, both on shelves and in showers 
  2. Because we have so many options on offer, shopping our range of products could be overwhelming, and it could be difficult trying to figure out which products would be suitable for each hair or skin type.

To address these, we have designed these new packs to make it clearer than ever to shop our range, with the help of easy-to-read icons and bite-sized bits of information.  

It’s now easier than ever to shop our range

With the help of our customer and retailer feedback, we approached these new designs from who/what/why/when/how angles to ensure we were covering all bases.

  1. What is it?
    Uplifting Solid Shampoo is easy to understand.
  2. Who is it for?
    Revives balanced hair simply states the hair or skin type the product is suitable for.
  3. How much use will I get out of it? When will it run out?
    Especially because the bars are so compact in size, I want to know how much bang I’m getting for my buck!
  4. How does it work? What are some product features? 
    Presented in bite-sized, easy-to-read bullet points
  5. Why should I support your brand? What are your certifications & accolades? 
    We’re proud to be certified cruelty-free, vegan, and palm oil free - to name a few! 

No more mixed-up bars!

Gone are the days of mistakenly using conditioner as shampoo. Our conditioners are now circular in shape to make them easily distinguishable from our square shampoo bars. 

Our face cleansers are now cute ergonomic shapes which fit comfortably in the palm of your hand and are a distinctly different shape to other bars.

And yes – the minis reflect these shape changes too:

Speaking of minis…

Why is the packaging for your minis different...and why is there more of it?​

Due to popular demand, our minis will now be available in retail stores. In order for this to happen, the packaging of each mini needs to clearly display certain legal information – and with the bar being so small, we were in need of more packaging real estate. ​

As a bonus, the hangsell design also allows our retailers more flexibility with the shelf displays, to better showcase our colourful bars and packaging.​

Don’t worry - there might be slightly more packaging, however, it's still the same home-compostable, fully recyclable, sustainable forestry-certified material you know and love. It’ll all break down into nutrients that nourish soil.

Did you notice that the silhouettes on our labelled storage trays match these new shapes?

Has anything else changed?

​There have been no formulation changes and our bars are still the very same products you know and love; made with the same regeneratively sourced, directly traded ingredients, as always.​

We have also kept the bars all the same size by weight, or even made some of them slightly bigger!​

​As we transition over to the new look, we will continue to sell our previous packaging until stocks of these run out. Please note that this changeover is going to be a gradual process and, pending stock levels, the packaging you receive from online orders may vary. 


Still have questions?

No worries! You can drop us a line at as always.