Which Ethique face cleanser is best for you?

Which Ethique face cleanser is best for you?

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Is your skin oily, dry, dehydrated, sensitive or just a bit dramatic? Here’s the ultimate guide to finding which Ethique plastic-free face cleansing bar is perfect for you. 

We know better than anyone that taking the initial step towards swapping your cult skincare brands for plastic-free products can be daunting. That’s why we’ve spent the last nine years making sure that our plastic-free skincare line isn’t just good for the planet, but good for your skin too 💚 

Whether it's a scrub, cleanser or make-up remover for oily, balanced or dry skin, we've got your plastic-free (and soap-free) skincare routine covered. Keep reading for our top recommendations to help you #giveupthebottle.  

Are Ethique face cleansers soap-free, palm oil-free, vegan and cruelty-free? 

Yes! All our facial cleansers are soap-free, palm oil-freevegan and cruelty-free. They’re also tried and tested on real humans like you, so we know they work. Want to join our team of trialists? Signup via the form at the bottom of this page.

Unsure about your skin type? Read our easy guide for finding out what skin type you have

Our ultimate guide for finding which plastic-free Ethique face cleanser is best for you

 Deep Green Bliss Bar Gingersnap
Cleanser type Clay Cream Scrub
Skin type Balanced to oily Dry to balanced
(or sensitive)
All Skin Types (including sensitive)
Soap-free Yes Yes Yes
Removes makeup Yes  Yes No
Lather Bubbly lather Creamy lather  No lather


Deep Green face cleanser for balanced to oily skin 

Perfect plastic-free skincare option for: Balanced, oily or problematic skin.  

What it’s like to use:  Deep Green is soap-free, pH balanced and creates a luxurious gentle lather to make cleansing the day and make-up away. 

Deep Green won’t dry you out, but because it’s not packed with oils it’s best for skin that already has a lot of those lovely natural oils aka oily skin. Made with sea salt for its antibacterial qualities and sweet orange oil for a delish smell, and to dissolve some of that dirt-carrying sebum. If you’re looking for something to help with acne, Deep Green is the one to try. Deep Green removes makeup so if you don't fancy a double cleanse, you can skip that step, but works wonders as the second cleansing step is a double-cleansing skincare routine. 

Follow up with our moisturiser developed for oily skin, Quench

Ingredient spotlight:  French clay, sea salt, castor oil and sweet orange oil make this a gentle, yet effective, deep-cleanser. This delicious blend of ingredients removes excess sebum and dirt without drying you out. 

Deep Green Face Cleanser reviews:

Lovely creamy lather
Lathers up well. Left my skin feeling clean and soft. No plastic packing, win, win for this product.
- Sue

Highly Recommend
I've used expensive skincare over the years, top of the line products to clean my make up off at night. I was given this product as a sample in my first shampoo bar purchase. I was blown away.

- Amy 

Bliss Bar face cleanser for balanced to dry skin 

Perfect plastic-free skincare option for: balanced, dry, dehydrated or sensitive skin. 

What it’s like to use:  Bliss Bar is a luxurious gentle face cleanser that provides a rich, creamy lather. This cleansing bar is all about creamy moisture – perfect for drier skin. Perfect for cleansing the day’s dirt off. It’ll take makeup off too, without stripping your skin. Pair with Ethique’s moisturiser stick for ultimate hydration.

Ingredient spotlight:  Made with creamed coconut butter, vegetable glycerine and clay, Bliss gently cleanses without stripping even the most sensitive skin. Like all our face cleansers it's 100% soap and fragrance free. 

Bliss Bar Face Cleanser reviews: 

Bliss Bar Bliss
I have dry older skin so this bar is so moisturising, creamy, decedent and totally takes off makeup. Love it love it and will keep using it🤩.
- Mariam 

Will last until the end of time
I wash my face once a day. I bought this thing over a year ago and it's still basically the same size. It will last you FOREVER. It's very gentle on my sensitive skin and when paired with a good moisturizer I find it does an excellent job. 
- Heather 

Still unsure? Try a sample first! 

Our Luxurious Face Cleansing Trio Discovery Pack is the perfect way to kickstart your plastic-free skincare routine and find your favourites. It has a mini of Deep Green and Bliss Bar face cleansers and our Gingersnap face scrub.

Happy cleansing!