Everything you need to know about our new storage solutions

Everything you need to know about our new storage solutions

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Our range of stylish, slick, and eco-friendly storage trays are perfect for storing your favourite solid skincare cleanser bars, body cleanser bars and solid haircare products. And that is not all, there is a clever little shampoo and soap saver bag too!

The Ethique Storage Trays 

Each tray has a label engraved for easy identification of the bars in your bath or shower. They are lightweight and absorbent, while still being stylish enough to look gorgeous in any discerning bathroom. Plus, the packaging is home compostable and the trays can be popped in your garden or plant pot to break down. #win  

Made from naturally occuring materials, they have been purpose-designed to draw moisture from the bars during storage, helping them to last longer. There are storage tray options for your face and body bars as well as a separate range for your shampoo and conditioner bars too.

Did we mention that they also come in 3 colours? Choose from charcoal, pink or aqua.

What are the storage trays made of? 

You won’t find any plastic in any of our products or packaging, and our storage trays are no different. Our storage trays are made from a combination of 85% diatomaceous earth, 10% paper pulp (cellulose) and 5% sand.

Diatomaceous earth is a naturally occurring sedimentary powder made from the fossilised remains of microscopic algae known as diatoms. Not only is it lightweight and sturdy, but it is also super absorbent - the perfect ingredient for our storage trays. 

The manufacturing process involves using the slurry flow method to create layers of materials that are superimposed, and then compacted into one shape using forging. During this process, the plant fibres bind the earth and sand together, and the mixture is then poured into moulds to set.

Are these trays compostable?

These clay trays aren't technically compostable (as clay is composed of minerals like silica which cannot actually break down further) BUT this clever little tray can be disposed of in your garden or plant pot still, where it will eventually break up and be used as substrate for plants and microbes.  

Top tips for using our storage trays:

  • Keep an eye on your bars to make sure they are drying properly between each use. (Access to air flow is key).
  • Take note of their location as being plastic-free, they may break if dropped on very hard surfaces.
  • To keep your Clay Tray in tip top shape, we recommend washing your trays once a week in hot soapy water (or the dishwasher) and allowing them to air dry.

The Ethique Soap and Shampoo Saver Bags 

The soap and shampoo saver bag is a genius little biodegradable mesh bag that is perfect for storing and using up all the left-over little bits of your foaming bars! The bag is made from a sustainable, natural fibre called sisal, which comes from the agave plant.  

Sisal the Climate Friendly Superhero 

Sisal is an excellent, hardy, and renewable resource and grows all year round in hot climates and tough soils where nothing else manages to grow.  Sisal plants also require very little water and are naturally resilient to disease. 

Over its lifecycle (approximately 12 years), a single sisal plant is able to absorb more carbon dioxide than it produces and with its strong and substantial root system, is favoured for its ability to reduce soil erosion. 

Saver Bag Tips 

Pop the last little slivers of your shampoo, face cleanser or body wash bars in the bag - or use a whole bar! The bag can also be used as a fantastic body exfoliator thanks to the gentle scrub texture provided by the sisal fiber. 

When the bag is dry, it can be used as a nifty storage bag for your bars to tuck into your bag when you are on the go and are great for traveling. 

Read more about all the things you can do with the little pieces of our bars here.

Using your Saver Bag 

Fill your soap and shampoo saver bag with all of your foaming bar pieces, or pop an entire bar in 

  • Close the bag with the drawstring
  • Wet the bag and use it as a body exfoliator while lathering up your bar
  • Hang up the bag when you are finished so the bar and the bag can dry completely

We don’t recommend using the soap and shampoo saver bag on your hair as friction from the natural fibers can cause hair damage. 

We would love to know how you are using our new storage solutions to prolong the life of your clever little bars. Share a snap with us on social by tagging @ethiqueworld and #EthiqueShelfie!